Request Access to an FSP Application



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Getting Started with FSP [PRO2220G]


The Ford Supplier Portal Business Owner is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary, that it reflects actual practice, and that it supports corporate policy.

Ford Supplier Portal
FSP Front Page

1.    From your Internet browser, navigate to

2.    Click [Login] in the upper right corner.

3.    Enter User ID and Password.  Click [Login].

4.    The Ford Supplier Portal home page displays.  Click Administration Tools.

5.    In the drop-down menu, click My Profile / request a service package.

6.    Under Ford Supplier Portal, click [request sub-package]

7.    Identify the desired service package and click [request] next to that service.

8.    Verify the service package request, fill in a reason for the request, and click [continue].

9.    Select the appropriate site code(s) by clicking in the checkbox and click [continue].

Note: Not all applications require site codes.  Therefore, this screen may not always appear.

10.  Your request has been successfully submitted. 
Company PCSA: For those applications requiring site codes or permissions, it may take 2 days for your request to be assessed and approved by FSP support.

Users: Any delay on an application requiring site codes or permissions is contingent on when your PCSA decides to approve / not approve your request