Request Access for a Site Code



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Getting Started with FSP [PRO2220G]


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Ford Supplier Portal
FSP Front Page

1.    From your Internet browser, navigate to

2.    Click [Login] in the upper right corner.

3.    Enter User ID and Password.  Click [Login].

4.    The Ford Supplier Portal home page displays.  Click Administration Tools.

5.    In the drop-down column, click view service packages.

6.    Click on a service package name to view details of the service package (e.g. GMAP e1291).

7.    In the service package information area, click the request location (site) code link.

8.    Select a site code by checking the box before the location code, and clicking [continue].

9.    You will get a message at the top of the page that reads: "Your location code request is successfully submitted"