World Excellence Awards


Do we need to fill out an application form, or are we automatically eligible for an award?

No. Suppliers do not need to fill out an application form.  If you meet the requirements for Gold or Silver Awards, you are automatically a candidate.  Brand Pillar, ABF candidates are nominated by Ford leadership.


Are any quality certifications required?

Yes.   Manufacturing sites must be Q1-certified for the full calendar year. . 


If a supplier just started shipping, are they qualified to receive an award or do they have to wait for their first full year?


A supplier may qualify for that year if they have Q1 in good standing for the full calendar year.  The World Excellence Awards are awarded to the Parent supplier for performance at the manufacturing site level. 


Are all of the award categories global?


Yes.  Brand Pillar, ABF, Supplier Diversity Development, Gold and Silver awards are all achievable by the global supply base.


If you win an award once, are you exempt from ever winning again? No.  This is an annual event based on performance each year.


Will the award criteria change overtime?


Yes. Given the dynamics of the automotive business, expectations are continually changing.  Therefore, award criteria will likely be modified as expectations shift.


What if a supplier has recently acquired a poor-performing site?


The World Excellence Awards are awarded to the Parent supplier for performance at individual manufacturing site(s).  The award will only recognize supplier sites that consistently demonstrate superior delivery, quality and cost performance.

What does Region / Brand ranking mean?


Qualifying supplier sites must be identified as a major volume supplier within its region.  A major volume supplier is determined by site annual dollar buy.


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