Ford Supplier Portal (FSP) Helpdesk Support


1.       Issue Type: CANNOT Log into Covisint Portal, Covisint Password Resets

         Contact: Covisint Helpdesk


2.      Issue Type: Covisint How-To's, How to request access to an Application

         Contact: Covisint Helpdesk


3.      Issue Type: CAN log into Covisint AND have access to an application but CANNOT access an application

         Contact the Ford Help desk either by:

         Telephoning the Ford Help Desk at one of the numbers shown below. This option should be used for high priority issues.

- or -

         Using the FSP feedback (Ford Helpdesk) link FSP feedback (Ford Help Desk). This option should be used for medium to low priority issues. This link can also be found on the FSP Home Page under the "Links" section. All form submissions will be converted into a Ford Help Desk ticket with a unique identifier for tracking purposes. Help Desk tickets will be handled by the Ford Corporate Helpdesk or escalated to the appropriate party. Be sure to select the application you are having issues with while filling out the Feedback Form.



Ford Helpdesk Phone Numbers


North America Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 74957
Externally Dialed: 1-313-31-74957 or 1-888-31-74957

Ford of Australia Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 8686
Externally Dialed: +61 3 9359 8686

UK Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 8734 3322
Externally Dialed: +44 (0)1277 253322

German Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 87013322
Externally Dialed: +49 (0)221 9013322

Sweden IT-Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 91000
Externally Dialed: +46 31 591000

Brazil Support Center:
Internally Dialed: 8400
Externally Dialed: 55-11-4174 8400